Sunday, 22 September 2013

Betty's first show.

Here she is at her first little show, a training show.
She is 1 year and 4 months here.
She was turned out and handled by Lee Simpson.
She was very well behaved and earned a second place 
behind a mare who went on to win 8 classes that day.
I love these photos. Thank you so much Charlie Milne.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Speak To Me (Black Betty) ....moves to Greener Pastures, Waterville, NS

On May 3rd, Black Betty is moved to Greener Pastures, the nice new facility built by Mitch and Jennifer Visser located on Parker Condon Road in Waterville, Nova Scotia.  The stabling is still "under construction" so we are a small group who are very much enjoying the above and beyond care and handling being offered.

May 5th, settling in nicely.

meeting her neighbour in the outdoor turnout. respecting the fence.


Thursday, 18 April 2013

Sophie ... in her second month at Mitch Visser's farm. Nicely settled in....  being a good girl.  Mitch handles her very well and goes above and beyond to serve the boarders. She had an incident with the fence after just a few days there,where she got too close and rolled, sticking her hind feet through the electric fence. Needless to say, this led to a few dramatic moments where she felt the bite, traumatized and tried to escape. She struggled, the fence tightened and some hair was peeled from her hind legs during the incident, no other damage... other than of her level of confidence. The greater damage was we had just started working on picking up her feet and now she was hurting slightly and didn't want anyone touching her hind legs... so we have for the past couple of weeks been working on regaining confidence. She is still a bit touchy but we are making progress. She is of the ''Drama Queen" variety (which is mostly a lot of hot air..ha ha ) we are working with this ingredient as well to gain her confidence and end up with a sane, healthy well adjusted individual. A very nice filly with very good conformation. She is growing and changing, and working on getting rid of all her baby fuzz.. Spring has been slow arriving this year so we are still in the process. Anxious to see what color she ends up. Cheryl says she thinks she will be a liver. I am waiting to see. Liver Chestnut would be ideal, but a good horse is a good horse... of any color. Very pleased with this filly.

These are a few of her latest  pasture photos... April 17th, 2013.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Betty's first bath.

Just 10 months old and growing like a weed, Betty managed to get a fungal infection in her coat which spread very quickly. Today Mar. 25th, sheis getting her second treatment an antifunagal shampoo. It was about 5 degrees and a bit early to start baths but this had to be done. She was a good girl. Here is a documentation of her experience. We all love Betty. Regardless of what challenges she faces, she is always well mannered and sensible. This was no exception.

She was glad to be finished and bounced around a bit in her stall. She was perfect for a first time. No kicking. Just being a sensible filly. You are a star Betty.